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Why Couples are Renting Wedding Flowers in Vermont?

As a Vermont florist, I've seen a recent trend in couples choosing to rent their wedding flowers. While some may initially balk at the idea of renting flowers, there are several compelling reasons why this choice makes sense for many couples. Here are some of the top reasons why couples are choosing to rent wedding flowers in Vermont:

  1. Cost Savings One of the most significant advantages of renting wedding flowers is cost savings. Fresh flowers aren't inexpensive. With rental flowers, you can still have beautiful bouquets, but at a fraction of the cost of fresh flowers.

  2. Easy Choice Process Another advantage of renting wedding flowers is the ease of the choice process. You can simply pick your bouquet on my website and be done with it. Bouquets for Rent

  3. Quick Turn Around If you are eloping in an hour or having a wedding in less than a month, renting bouquets is a great choice. Rental bouquets are ready to go!

  4. No Allergies If you have pollen allergies, silk or wood flowers are a good choice.

  5. Consistent Color Rental flowers, you know exactly what color you are getting, which makes it easier to coordinate with other wedding elements.

  6. Lighter Weight The silk bouquets are a lot lighter weight and easier on the arms. If you are hiking a Vermont mountain to your wedding spot, the less weight the better.

  7. Weather Durable If it is very hot or extremely cold, the silk flowers will still look perfectly fresh. Fresh flowers need to be kept cool, away from fans, and hydrated to avoid wilt.

  8. Green Benefits By renting, you are reusing a resource and reducing your carbon footprint.

In conclusion, renting wedding flowers is an excellent option for couples looking to save money, simplify the choice process, go greener, and enjoy lighter, allergy-free blooms on their big day.


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