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Officiant Carmen George

To add more meaning to your ceremony, consider including a symbolic gesture to represent the unification of your lives, families and communities. You can make a powerful statement especially if you are coming into the marriage with children of your own or want to infuse your ceremony with cultural, historic or religious elements. It can also just add a little unique feature to your wedding. 

If you are spiritual or religious, you can include a ritual that represents that aspect of your lives.

These are a few of the religiously based and nonreligious rituals you can be included in your ceremony. You must bring all of the items needed to conduct these rituals I can provide guidance.

  • Anniversary Box or Wine Box

  • Hand-fasting - Details on handfasting

  • Ring Warming

  • Butterfly Release

  • Blending of the Sands

  • Plant Your Future

  • Honoring Family

  • Gifts Exchange

  • Thai Blessing with Water

  • Unity Candle

  • Religious Element

  • Jewish Traditions - Breaking of the glass

  • Seven Blessings

  • Hindu Seven Blessings

  • Covenant Of Salt

  • Jumping The Broom

  • Ringing Of The Bells

  • Remembrance Of Loved Ones

  • Ring Warming

  • Vows to children

  • German Wine Chalice

  • Special Vows To Children

  • Words To Parents and Gift Giving

  • Renewal Of Wedding Vows

  • Buddist Mediation

  • Irish Make-Up Bell

  • Bible Reading

  • Breading and Sharing of Bread

This a simple list, there are numerous religious and cultural elements to add to your ceremony.



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Wiccan wedding in Vermont
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