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This is a gesture that symbolizes the unification of your lives, families and communities. You can make a powerful statement especially if you are coming into the marriage with children of your own.

It can be a way to infuse your ceremony with cultural, religious or symbolism into your wedding.

1. Anniversary Box - Have a box that you and your spouse can put love letters to each other in. You can invite other people to put something in the box during the ceremony. Many people include a special bottle of wine or whiskey. The box is then sealed and opened on your either your fifth or 10 year anniversary. 

2. Sand mixture --  This is great if you have children in your combined families. They can pour their own color sand the container. PICTURED HERE>>>>>

3. Handfasting -  Use ropes or cords that mean something to you. Details on handfasting

4. Ring Warming - Your rings in a sheer net bag are passed among your guests. As they hold your rings they are invited to say a pray or a happy wish for the couples future. Good for microweddings.

5. Plant a Tree - Have tree in a pot. The couple can water it or add soil to it. If you have children, invite them tie ribbons with messages on its branches. You can also have guests add messages to the branches with paper and ribbons during the reception.

6. Release Something - Butterflies, balloons, doves...Just make sure it is environmentally friendly.

7. Create Art - This is best for inside weddings. Have a canvass with a heart or other design on it. The couple colors it. If there are children, they are invited to color it too. You can 

8. Gifts Exchange - Have the new step parent offer a loving message and a gift to the children of the person they are marrying. The gift can be a bracelet, watch, or some other item that will be treasured.

9. Candles - Inside only. You take two taper candles and light a large pillar candle in the center. Children of the couple may be invited to participate.

10. Religious Element - You can have a religious person bless your marriage and family or include something that is traditional religious like smashing a glass at the end of the ceremony as you would in the Jewish tradition.

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