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Florist Carmen George

I loved our two cats, I get a little teary eyed thinking about them as I type this. Our pets have been with us through it all. They are lovable companions and snuggle bugs. I can understand why so many couples want to include them in their wedding or elopement. 

It's tricky to get a good photo of dogs and cats during the excitement of a wedding day, but here are a few examples of floral collars. 

"I wanted to thank you for such a wonderful and beautiful job you did photographing the elopement and two dogs at Lake Willoughby. I just thought that every detail you did, with the flowers and the fun and the photos was absolutely beautiful. Thank you very much.
I know this is the second family wedding that you did and your work is so great and happy."
all the best,
Carol (Bride's Mom)

Floral Dog Collar Low.jpg
Modern Centerpeice - Hotel Vermont
Wedding Dog Collar Carmen George.jpg.jpg
Floral Wedding Collar for Dog.jpg
Held in the Moment Pic - Dog Florals.jpg

Photographer Julie Ann Held

Cat Wedding Collar.jpg
Dogs with Wedding Flowers .jpg
Gay Friendly Florist Vermont.jpg
2018 Carmen George - VT Photographer (81 of 84).jpg
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