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Wedding Officiant's Thoughts on Microweddings

Micro-wedding at the Ethan Allen Homestead in Burlington

I receive calls every week from couples interested in having a simple wedding with between two to 25 guests. These little weddings now have an official name, they are called microweddings. As someone who has officiated hundreds of them, I think they are great!

I enjoy officiating large weddings too, but it's important for couples to know about this smaller option. Microweddings are becoming more popular these days because they are significantly less stressful and less expensive than larger weddings. A microwedding can be planned in a shorter amount of time because it is easier to find a location for the ceremony and reception dinner. I assist couples in designing the ceremony portion. It can take as little time as a week.

Of the 130 weddings I officiated last year, about 75% were either a microwedding or an elopement. They can occur in unique and beautiful low-cost locations such as the Forever Young Tree House or the Ethan Allen Homestead or upscale locations like Hotel Vermont or Shelburne Farms. If outside, shelter from rain is easier to address, no need for a big tent - guests can bring umbrellas or stand in a gazebo or under the shelter of a porch. Seating is easy too, I rent chairs for up to 20 guests.

Microweddings can be elegant or casual.

I had a couple with their children, siblings and parents spend the weekend at The Essex Resort. They visited local tourist sites together and some of the adults went to the spa. It was the couples second marriage and they didn't feel the need to have a big showing wedding. For their wedding, the bride wore a gorgeous gown, I created a big beautiful bouquet of roses and a small version of the bouquet for the bride's daughter. It was elegant yet comfortable and happy. After the ceremony they headed to a private dining room for dinner.

Another couple, two men from New York, married at their second home in Richmond, surrounded by their family and closest friends. The couple had been together for 15 years. One of the groom's families stopped speaking to him after he let them know he was gay. The other groom's family took on the role of his new family. The wedding was very emotional, intimate, private, and loving. Many of the guests spoke of their love for the couple and how they belonged together. After the ceremony, I took photos of the couple and their guests.

Last night I officiated a microwedding in the home of the couple. The guests list included the bride and groom and their children. The ceremony was simple and sweet. After I took photos. They lit a fire in the fireplace, opened a bottle of sparkling cider, and ordered their favorite pizzas.

There is less pressure to do fit the traditional wedding idea because the guests invited tend to be the people who love, accept and celebrate the couple's uniqueness.

If you are interested in having a micro-wedding in Vermont, contact me.

Microweddings are just the right size.

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