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What is the German Marriage Goblet?

Celebrants, like Carmen George, can incorporate cultural traditions into your ceremony. The German wedding goblet is a lovely way to include a German tradition in your wedding or wedding reception. The maiden goblet is a German folklore symbol of respect for family, love and commitment.

The story about the goblet should be shared before the couple drinks from it. I have modernist this tale to be better suited to our times.

A woman and a man a fell. The goldsmith asked for her family's blessing. The woman's parents was hesitant The woman persistently requested them to give the man a chance. Finally, the parents relented, and offered the gentleman a challenge.

The parents said if the man could create a cup that the two of them could drink out of at the same time, without spilling a drop, they would welcome the man into their family.

The man worked tirelessly day and night. After many days, he presented a statue of the woman holding a basket over her head to the woman's parents. They looked confused, but handed him a bottle of good wine. The goldsmith filled the basket with wine then swiveled the shirt up to form a cup. He pour wine into the cup. The woman and the man drink out of the marriage goblet without spilling a drop. The parents were delighted with his clever creation and seeing the smile on their daughter's face, blessed their union.

The couple persevered and determination along with their love, prevailed. The goblet should sit in their home as a reminder of how fortunate they are to have married each other and that with hard work their love with prevail.

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