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(Pin on and Pocket)

Florist Carmen George

Your wedding boutonniere boost the feeling of celebration at your wedding. It is an arrangement of flowers worn usually by the groom on the left lapel of their jacket. It is 

Boutonnieres can also be worn by the groomsmen, ring bearer, fathers or person escorted the people marrying.

There are a variety of boutonnieres; traditional, pocket, and full lapel. This page contains samples of each. 


Pocket Boutonnieres

Men's Wedding Flowers.jpg
Men's wedding flowers VT.jpg
Pocket Boutonniere.webp
Vermont Wedding Florist - Blush Pocket Boutonniere.jpg


Grooms Flowers.jpg
Steam Punk Gay Wedding_Moments Photograp

Lapel Boutonnieres

Label Boutonniere.jpg
Florist Burlington VT.jpg
Flowers for Men_edited.jpg
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