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Vermont Officiant Carmen George

I've been officiating for many years. This page is a advice for you and your wedding party. Please keep in mind this is general information and that weddings vary in structure. If you have hired me to run your rehearsal, we will go through all of this and much more. 

Sound System

  • If you have 50 or more guests, I recommend a microphone and sound system. 

  • The ideal mic set up is a lapel mic on me and one on one of the people marrying..


  • When entering and exiting the ceremony, select a point ahead to focus your eyes. This can be a person, like me, your officiant, or the person marrying. By doing this, you will avoid looking down, which is bad for photos.

  • *The person entering, if they are escorted, should plan to hug the person that escorts them when they reach the end of the seating aisle.

  • The escort should also hug the other person marrying after they hug the person they escorted.

Animals in Processional

  • Have a person who will care for them before and after the processional.

  • This person should be prepared to leave with the animal if needed and have water and snacks for them at the venue.


  • Hold bouquets with your dominant hand where it is wrapped with a ribbon. This protects your hands from plant material. 

  • Position your hand, that is holding the bouquet, in front of your belly button. This is the perfect height. Rest your other hand on top of the dominate hand.

Wedding Party 

  • Stand half an arm's length from each other and turned three quarters toward the couple.

  • Angle line slightly so you can watch the ceremony.

  • If you do not have a bouquet, usually this is men, take your right hand and hold your left wrist.

Person of Honor/Maid of Honor

  • Straightens the train (if there is one) by picking it up with both hands, extending it out and letting it drop to the ground. Do not try to move it around on the ground.

  • Holds bride's bouquet (if they have one) during the ceremony 

  • After the kiss, the person holding the bride's bouquet, should touch the  bride's arm with the bouquet to remind her to take it.

Person of Honor/Best Man

  • Usually holds both rings in one box or small bag.

  • When asked by the officiant for the rings, this person should hand both rings to the officiant.

Children/Ring Bearer and Flower Girls

  • Have a plan of who they will sit or stand with when they reach the end of the aisle.

  • Make it fun for them! Have candy or a special prize waiting for them when they connect with the person they will be with during the ceremony.


  • They should sit in the front row or outside seat in the second row.

  • The reader can either stand to the side of the couple facing them with their side to the guests. They can also stand where the officiant is standing.


  • If rain is in the forecast, make sure to have a nice umbrella. Steer clear of black. 

  • Avoid spiked heeled shoes for outdoor weddings on grass.

  • Between October and May it can be wet, windy and bitter cold. Plan to bring a jacket or wrap and gloves that look good with your wedding attire.

  • Make sure everyone checks all their clothing a day or two before to make sure nothing is broken (zipper) or missing.

Wedding Party

  • Stand half an arm's length from each other and turned three quarters toward the couple.

  • Angle line slightly so you can watch the ceremony.

  • If you have a bouquet hold it by the ribbon area and at waist height.

  • If you do not have a bouquet hold your wrist closest to the couple with your opposite hand.

The Kiss (If culturally appropriate)

  • It is best to practice your kiss in front of a mirror before your ceremony.  Consider where you want to place your hands during your kiss. 

  • Kiss for at least five seconds. This allows time for your photographer to take lots of photos and your guests to cheer!

  • Let your joy and passion out!


  • When you exit down the aisle, you should have a place where you are going to meet your photographer.

  • Small weddings (10 or fewer guests) usually the couple stays up front and the guests come and congratulate them after the kiss.

  • If you are going to do a group shot of everyone in your wedding. The officiant should make an announcement at the end of the ceremony, after the recessional.

Just remember what the day is about - celebrating love. Everything else is lovely decoration.

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