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Do We Need a Wedding Rehearsal?

A wedding rehearsal can be a wonderful way for the couple and their wedding party to prepare for the wedding ceremony It will reduce stress on the wedding day, especially for the couple.

I recommend having a wedding rehearsal if you have two of the following:

  • a wedding party of more than four people

  • children under the age of five in the processional

  • a complicated ceremony or venue set up.

  • More than 50 guests

  • a couple that is stressed and shy

Otherwise, you can forego having one, especially if you want to keep cost down.

It is best to have the officiant run the rehearsal since they are the person who will be leading the ceremony. The officiant will usually team up with the event or wedding planner if the venue has one. The important thing is that you as one person leading and helping you make the necessary decisions and understands how to create a ceremony structure.

When I run a wedding rehearsal. We go through the ceremony and discuss:

  • order of wedding party in the processional.

  • spacing between members of the wedding party.

  • tips for couple

  • where to stand.

  • what to do with hands.

  • how to help children understand what's going on.

  • role of maid of honor and best man.

  • tips for looking your best in photos.

  • where readers stand when speaking.

  • where to place and move around during ceremony.

  • spacing for exiting.

  • rain plan

  • address any concerns and questions.

Following the wedding rehearsal couples usually go out for dinner with the wedding party and any guests who are in town who traveled a long distance to attend the wedding. It usually is fairly casual.

If you have a question related to weddings, email me Officiant Carmen George

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