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Having a holiday wedding in Vermont!

Halloween themed wedding in Vermont

With Halloween just around the corner, some couples are considering a themed wedding to add a sense of playfulness and humor, especially with the stress of the global pandemic. Themed weddings don't need a specific holiday. They can be themed around anything including the couples favorite show, period in history, a beloved hobby the couple shares or the location of the ceremony. It is important to avoid cultural appropriation when considering a theme especially anything relating to first nation people often referred to as "indians" or "first Americans". As well as steering away from any part of history that was tragic for black, indigenous and people of color.

If you decided to go with a theme, go all out and have a great time with it. Steam Punk

Hat, Tie, Dragon Fly Pin, and Jacket - Old Gold (Burlington, VT)

Florist - Carmen George Weddings (Burlington, VT)

Venue - An Affair by the Lake (Addison, VT)

Steam Punk Groom

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