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Officiant Carmen George

A week before your wedding day we will have a phone conversation to design your ceremony plan.

The day of your ceremony, the two of you should be at the ceremony site at least 15 minutes before the start of the ceremony with your marriage license. (No paperwork is needed for commitment and vow renewals)




How do both of you want to enter?         

  • Walk in solo

  • Walk in accompanied by?

    • Parent​(s) or Person who has been a parent to you

    • Sibling

    • Child/Children

    • Close Friend

  • With wedding party members? If so, what order?

When is it okay for guests to have their phones or ipads out for photos? As a professional wedding photographer, I recommend restricting phones during the recessional and processional. Guests holding up devices can distract and look terrible in photos. I also understand that some groups will ignore requests.

  • Full restriction - Unplug and enjoy the day. No mobile device usage during the ceremony. 

  • Particle restrictions - no phone during the processional and recessional. Guests can take photos during the ceremony.

  • No restrictions on devices. Guests can take photos the entire ceremony

MUSIC (Recommended)
Music can enrich the mood of a celebration. I recommend it for the processional and recessional. Although its also completely fine to have the natural beautiful sounds of a place.

  • Do you want music? 

  • Who will manage music?

  • Processional - one or two songs?

  • Time and practice with processional music

  • Recessional music

READINGS -(Optional) - (Advice and Samples)

  • Who would do the reading?

  • Who will choose reading - them or you?
    I do not recommend you put vows on a mobile device

VOWS - (Advice and Samples)

  • Your, mine or prewritten by another source?

  • Who will hold your prewritten vows?


  • Will you exchange rings or something else?

  • Who will hold your rings or item you are exchanging?

  • Is there anything else you wish to exchange?

SYMBOLIC GESTURE - (Optional) - (Symbolic gestures)
This helps make your ceremony more personal. I can explain any or these and offer more ideas during our conversation.

  • Ring warming

  • Anniversary Box 

  • Hand fasting or Knot Tying (Celtic tradition)

  • Sand Ceremony - great for including children

  • Jumping the broom (African tradition)

  • Thai hand washing

  • Stepping on a wrapped glass (Jewish tradition)

Once you have thought about these things, you are ready for your conversation with me. We will go step by step through these and I will answer any questions you have. I have lots of experience and tips to share with you to make your wedding day fun, joyful and looks good in your wedding photos.


  • Kiss at the end? If not, please let me know.

  • Kiss twice? At the front and after walking down the aisle?






Temporary Officiant.jpg
Vermont Elopement Package.jpg
Stowe officiant conducting a handfasting wedding ceremony in Vermont.
Stowe Photographer.jpg

Photographer - Julia Backus
Venue - An Affair by the Lake

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