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455 North Avenue, Burlington, Vermont

This Chapel was donated to the City of Burlington and built in 1882. It is designed in the lovely High Victorian Style you saw in the show Downton Abbey. The Chapel is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. 

Louisa Howard Chapel Rental is about $150 per hour. Please talk to Holli for details and restrictions.


Make Reservation through Holli Bushnell

(802) 863-2075 (office) (802) 578-9147 (cell) 

It is good for up to about 40 guests

"We could not have been happier with all the help and guidance we received from Carmen on our wedding day. Carmen was a true blessing and she helped make our ceremony and our experience magical. Thank you Carmen!"

- April

"Carmen did an amazing job as our justice of the peace and florist! She was very professional, timely and calming when I was over the top stressed out at our rehearsal. Our bouquets were absolutely gorgeous and we got many compliments on them! She made sure that all important immediate family members were present before starting our ceremony and did an amazing job helping us coordinate our ceremony! I highly recommend her services." - Angela

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Louisa Howard Chapel - Gay wedding.jpg
Louisa Howard Chapel - Photographer Carmen George VT.jpg
Louisa Howard Chapel - Photo by Carmen George.jpg
Louisa Howard Chapel - Carmen George.jpg
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