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145 Lakeview Terrace, Burlington, Vermont

The property owners are friends of mine. They are incredibly generous and allow me to officiate weddings here. They are very nice and always keep their yard well maintained.

If it rains, I have umbrellas for the couple (complimentary) and umbrella to rent for your guests if needed.


  1. Parking is on the street. 

  2. Bathrooms are nearby at the corner coffee shop. 

  3. Please bring a thank you gift for us to leave for the home owners.

Thanking the Owners

If you eloping, please bring a nice bottle of red or white wine or a gift certificate to the corner coffee shop as a thank you gift for the home owners. If you are having guests, please consider a larger gift, like a restaurant gift certificate.


This site is perfect for elopements and tiny weddings (20 or fewer people)



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