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145 Lakeview Terrace Backyard


Alan and Valerie are sharing their backyard with stunning views of the Adirondack Mountains and Lake Champlain. They maintain a beautiful yard with lovely flowers and greenery. The only reason they do this is because they are incredibly generous and sweet people.



I will ask for permission to use their backyard and schedule a time.


I will meet you at the white picket fence by the road. If you arrive before me, please wait with your guests by the fence on the sidewalk until I arrive.

You are responsible for your guests. please share this information with them.


1 limit the guests to 12 ish.



Please use on street parking.


The parking spaces in their yard are for the owners and their tenants. I may park there if I need to unload chairs or equipment.



There is a coffee shop (Scout & Co.) nearby that is sometimes open and has public restrooms. 


There isn't any covered area. If it is rains, please have a back up plan or bring umbrellas.


Please convey your appreciate to Alan and Valerie with a thank you gift. I recommend spending at least $40. They like wine (red and white) or buy them a gift certificate to a restaurant.

Thank you

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