145 Lakeview Terrace Backyard


Alan and Valerie are sharing their backyard with stunning views of the Adirondack Mountains and Lake Champlain. They maintain a beautiful yard with lovely flowers and greenery. Please show your appreciation by being good guests.Here is what you can do to be respectful of their home.



I will ask for permission to use their backyard and schedule a time. 


I will be there to welcome you at the end of their driveway. If you arrive before me, please wait with your guests by the fence on the sidewalk until I arrive.

You are responsible for your guests. please fill them in on this small requests from the home owners.


No more than 12.



Please use on street parking.


The parking spaces in their yard are for the owners and their tenants. I may park there if I need to unload chairs or camera equipment.



It's best if people take care of bathroom needs before arriving. There is a coffee shop (Scout & Co.) nearby that is sometimes open and has public restrooms. 


There isn't any covered area. If it is rains, please have a back up plan or bring umbrellas.


Please provide a thank you gift and note worthy of their generosity. I recommend spending at least $30. They like wine (red and white) or a gift certificate to a restaurant.

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