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Officiant Carmen George

Hand-fasting and tying the knot are wonderful ways to symbolize the weaving together of your lives.

My hand-fasting ceremonies can be customized to fit your specific type of cords and I can advise you on best ways to include this ritual in your ceremony. I also design hand-fasting cords. Etsy is a great place to find some too.

The cords should be at between 2.5' and 3' long and about the thickness or width of your finger.


Customized Hand Fasting Cords


If you want to learn more read by article about

Handfasting - How it Works. 



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"Everyone at the ceremony thought you were amazing (you were!) and that the ceremony was very beautiful."   -Stephanie and David

French Couple with handfasting
Handfasting wedding in Vermont
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Held in the Moment Photography


Held in the Moment Photography

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