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Burlington, Vermont

The first universally accessible public tree house in the World. It is the only public handicap-accessible treehouse in Vermont.

Bill Allen came up with the idea for the Treehouse. He wanted everyone to be able to experience the joy and magic of treehouses. Allen with co-founder Phil Trabulsy spearheaded its construction with their nonprofit The Forever Young Treehouses. The designer of the Treehouse was James "B'fer" Roth. 

This rustic treehouse cost $100,000 to completed in 2004. It is 15 feet off the ground and 50 feet from the parking lot, follow the level path through the woods to find it. The main platform is 500 square feet. It is free and open to the public seven days a week.

The Treehouse cannot be reserved for weddings, but it is free and usually available.

PARKING APP - pay your parking by phone


"What a lovely park. It wasn’t too crowed when we went on a Saturday. The treehouse was neat. Parking wasn’t bad. I would like to come back and walk through the trail."


"Such a great experience! Carmen gave us exactly what we were looking for...simple yet poignant. Her photos were beautiful and diverse. We had the wedding we wanted and couldn't be happier." - Dean

"A beautiful spot within oak ledge park, The treehouse is amazingly built and feels very whimsical inside. Great view of the fields and woods as well." Tim

"Cool tree fort" - Craig

The treehouse is an interesting destiny within the park at Oakledge. A must see for families with younger children." 
- Bert

"Great spot for our elopement." 


Nice spot for an elopement or tiny wedding. 



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