Carmen's Flower Garden

This is a sampler of what is in my garden for my seasonal floral bouquets. I sell these for $65 each.

If you want specific flowers for your wedding date, I can order them but I usually need to charge more.

My flowers are pesticide free.

April - Welcome spring!

Vermont Wedding 2021 Florist Carmen Geor

Tulips, daffodils, cherry blossoms


Daffodils - white with yellow, peach or white interiors

Carmen George Weddings.jpg

Double Petals  tulips - white, pink, purple, yellow, red...

Cherry Blossoms.jpg

Cherry and Peach Blossoms - white, red, pink...

vt flowers grape.jpg

Grape hyacinth - purple and white

Vermont Florist.JPG

Unique tulips - fringe, pointed, bicolor...bright, dark or soft colors

May - adding to the April flowers are...

Vermont Florist Carmen George Weddings.j

May Bouquet - including red and burgundy tulips

Burlington Floirst.jpg

viburnum - White - smells amazing!

Florist vt3.jpg

Forget Me Nots


Vermont Columbine.jpg
Vermont Rose.jpg

Columbine  - white,and burgundy

Long Stem Roses - Red - truly stunning

Florist VT 4.jpg

Anemone - White


White Lilacs Vermont.jpg
Vermont flowers.jpg

Lilacs - white, light lavender, medium lavender

Irises - bicolor (white and lavender) and blue/purple

Vermont Alum .jpg

Alum - White and purple