page contents The Most Beautiful Time in the World - Sunrise Wedding

Sunrise Elopement in Vermont

We stood on the hillside sharing in delighted laughter as our eyes took in the landscape.
This was supposed to be a sunrise ceremony. However, nature had a surprise for us,
fog! It was gorgeous and somehow perfect, the rolling hills and silhouetted winter trees
all in pastel hues fading into soft distant Vermont mountains.  



















Thea pinned on Tim's coat a paper boutonniere she make for him. She used the sheet music from Prince's song "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World". Upon discovering this, Tim looked deep into her eyes and said "That's perfect."











Birds called as they flew over the farm hillside field. My words filled the winter air as I officiated Thea and Tim's wedding ceremony. They exchanged heartfelt vows of friendship and love for each other.

Their ceremony included a knot tying.


They tied two sections of rope into one using an infinity knot; the knot symbolizing their bond and unified strength.















The ceremony finished with a joyful kiss and laughter..​​