Florist Carmen George

I design floral crowns to fit the bride and her style.

Full crown - one that is flowers in a complete circle.

Particle crown - flowers that are a half circle.

If you have a bouquet, I will design them to harmonize with each other.

As I finally sit down, in the quiet of my living room, looking at my beautiful flowers and reflecting on our wedding day, I'm move by how gorgeous my crown and bouquet turned out. Thank you! 

Full Crown with Large Flowers - peonies, zinnias and snapdragons

Floral Crown.jpg

Full Crown with Large Flowers - Sunflowers and wild flowers


Particle Crowns - Full (Roses)

Modern Centerpeice - Hotel Vermont

Full Crown - Medium with Spray Roses

Particle Crown - Small Flowers

Modern Centerpeice - Hotel Vermont

Particle Crown with Medium Flowers

Vermont Wedding Florist Carmen George 1.jpg
Floral Crown Vermont.jpg

Particle Crowns - Full - Large Orchid 

2017 Carmen George Photography (176 of 2

Crown with veil