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Artist Carmen George

I create customized cords for couple's 

commitment ceremonies, weddings, elopements...

Color Guide for Cords:

This is a simple guide. You can make the colors fit any meaning you would like. Also, these colors can be woven into one cord to form a new meaning.

Suggest color meanings:

Silver - Celebration

Black - United Strength
-  Life Balance

Brown - Trust
Orange - Adventure
- Ancestors
Red - Love

Pink - Vulnerability

Purple - Faith

Blue - Friendship
Blue (dark) - Loyalty

Blue (light) - Kindness

Teal - Creativity
Green - Family

Yellow - Humor
- Commitment
Tan - Honesty

White - Devotion

You can also find cords on your own that have meaning to you. For example if you like sailing, you could use rope from your boat. 

Dear Carmen, It has taken me a week, but I do want to tell you how deeply grateful my husband and I are for your officiating at our son, Spencer Lean's, wedding to Sarah Sher on May 21. Your words, and the way you delivered them, were very meaningful. Almost every guest spoke to me about how moved they were by the beautiful ceremony. The overall event was a bit rough around the edges, but Sarah and Spencer wanted a simple, informal wedding. The service you conducted was the highlight of the evening, as it should be. The officiant's words and the couple's vows can quickly fade into the background, but not at this wedding. Thank you so much. You are great at what you do. Sincerely, Liz

Handfasting Cords Vermont.jpg
Hands during Handfasting Ceremony
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