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Artist Carmen George

I create customized cords for couple's 

commitment ceremonies, weddings, elopements...

Color Guide for Cords:

This is a simple guide. You can make the colors fit any meaning

you would like. Also, these colors can be woven into one cord
to form 
a new meaning.

Blue - Friendship
Blue (dark) - Loyalty

Blue (light) - Patience, Kindness

Black - Mystery, Magic

Burgundy - Ancestors

Brown - Trust, Earthy
Gold - Longevity

Gray -  Life Balance

Green - Renewal, Family
Orange - Health, Unity

Pink - Sweetness, Vulnerability

Purple - Spirituality, Faith

Red - Love, Passion

Silver - Celebration

Tan - Fidelity, loyalty

Teal - Dreams, Hope

White - Devotion, Trust

Yellow - Joy, Playfulness, Humor

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