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Florist Carmen George

Carmen George Wedding’s floral crown station is a fun and interactive addition to any wedding celebration. It consists of a table set up with an assortment of fresh beautiful flowers, greenery, and crown making materials and tools. Guests can have fun and express themselves by creating their own floral crown.

Florist Carmen George will provide supplies, guidance and assistance to guests on how to make a floral crown. She can also create floral crowns and greenery wreaths for guests who would like one.

Crown Station $400 for two hours, $100 for additional hours.
One Florist
One 6' Table
Floral Scissors
Crown Wire Structures
Fast Drying Floral Glue
Assorted Ribbons

Buckets of Wild Flowers - $60
Mini sunflowers, daisies, zinnias..
Makes 12-15 crowns

Bucket of Romantic Flowers - $80
Spray roses, ranunculus, fressia…
Makes 12-15 crowns

As I finally sit down, in the quiet of my living room, looking at my beautiful flowers and reflecting on our wedding day, I'm move by how gorgeous my crown and bouquet turned out. Thank you! 

Carmen, you are a floral goddess!!! Loved our crowns. 


"I cannot thank you enough. It really was the centerpiece of my wedding ensemble,and made everything thing feel sacred and special.
THANK YOU!! " - Lauren

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Modern Centerpeice - Hotel Vermont
Modern Centerpeice - Hotel Vermont
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