Burlington, Vermont

Arbor Screws - CGW.jpg
Arbor Arches - CGW.jpg


This circular arbor will be rented to you with the following parts. Here is your checklist. 

1. Six screws and six wing nuts
    They are screwed in the holes.

2. Metal arbor sections
    Three sections for easy transport.

3. Two weights 

Please handle this arbor with care.
If it is rained on, please dry it off. 

SAFETY - For your safety do not use if it windy or their is a thunder storm. 

The replacement cost of this arbor is $150
Each screw/wingnut $5
Each Weighted bag $10

Arbor Base - CGW.jpg


Flowers should be kept in a cool (40 - 50 degrees) dark place. 

Attach flowers to arbor after arbor is fully assembled and laying on the ground. Raise arbor upright after flowers are secured with zip ties provided.



Arbor Weights - CGW.jpg